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One of the best sites for diabetics is Diabetic Connect. Below you will find a very high quality piece that is very informative for those of us who are diabetics. Go to Diabetic Connect and read the full report.

6 Reasons for Inaccurate Blood Sugar Readings
6 Reasons for Inaccurate Blood Sugar Readings

When you see the number on your glucose meter, you might think it’s a precise measure of your blood sugar. But you may be seeing inaccurate results that could endanger your health – without you even knowing it. Here are simple steps you can take to prevent 6 of the most common reasons for inaccurate glucose readings.


                                                 Work at Home Jobs for Seniors


Many times seniors are retired, but their social security is not enough to cover their expenses. Seniors get hit with medical expenses and prescription costs that blow their monthly budget. When this happens, there is a need for additional income. For many, they may be afraid they don’t qualify for anything, based on age or physical condition. They may have worked in a factory, which doesn’t work after retirement. Maybe their eyesight prevents them from doing a driving job. Seniors may not be able to stand for extended periods of time. In considering all of the above, it can be difficult to find work.

Where to look

Finding work at home jobs for seniors can happen if you know where to look. Through proper research on the web, you can find your subject and find lots of opportunities. Use keywords in the search bar to find jobs that can work from home. Listed below are some suggestions that provide work at home jobs for seniors.

  • Create a blog – this can be about any topic you choose. Maybe you have a hobby that you would consider yourself an expert. Maybe your past career can be the topic of your blog. You might have a medical condition that by writing posts about it, you can help others with the same disease. Check out: WordPress, Blogger, or Blogspot for help on setting up a blog.
  • Write articles – there are several content companies where you can learn how to write articles and be paid by many of them. Some suggestions are Textbroker, Trello, Outsource, Thumbtack and others. These will give much-needed experience and help to build your reputation.
  • Ebay – Ebay has been in existence since 1995, and it is a very reputable company. If you have items from home or maybe a product you want to promote, Ebay is the place to market products and make an income. Ebay Partner Network, will also allow affiliates to join and promote products on say your blog, and if they buy from your blog or website page, you will make a commission.
  • Ebay – Ebay has introduced Ebay Classified Group – these are Free classified ads.
  • Fiverr – Fiverr is a site where you can offer to write blog posts for the very nominal fee of $5.00. You should offer at least a 300-word article.

Work at home jobs for seniors

Work at home jobs for seniors is plentiful. The short list above is just a tiny bit of listings that is available for anyone. Take a look and you will find a way to increase your income from the comfort of your home.

Gold Dollar Sign As Symbol For Money Or Wealth

As the cost of living continues to get higher and higher. Seniors are in need of extra income to help pay for medication, groceries, doctor and hospital bills and just normal living expenses. I hope that the above information will be of help to our seniors.

More to come.                                                     photo

Will We Ever See Sunshine Again?

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Will we ever see the sun shine again? It’s rained for days now. I know we need the rain but really! My poor outside dogs are hiding in their doghouse to stay dry. It is a day or days to stay inside and dry. Hey, I’m tired of being inside. I’m really a sunshine person. But hopefully, we’ll get some sunshine this next week. I just watched the Packers and Forty Niners in the sunshine and 80 degrees. Oh how I wish we were there.  As you can tell, I need sunshine to make my day. How about you?

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Gold Dollar Sign As Symbol For Money Or Wealth


How to regulate your blood sugar levels

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Regulating blood sugar levels is not easy. There are so many foods that go against someone with diabetes. The information that follows is from diabetic connect.  It is valuable info and I hope helpful in maintaining a proper blood sugar level.

Regulating blood sugar levels becomes nearly instinctive as a person living with diabetes. But we could use all the help we can get—these recipes are great for managing blood glucose. Enjoy!

Our Four Seasons

Well, here we are in mid September and moving into the Fall of the year. Living in North Carolina, our weather is great. We get four seasons of which I love this time of the year the most. The leaves are turning and dropping off the trees. If you have yard work to do, this is a great time. It’s wonderful to be able to just sit outside and not drip with sweat. The only bad thing is realizing that Winter is next. Winter is not my favorite. I basically count the days until spring. But as I said Fall is my favorite. It’s no time until we’ll be sitting at the dining room table eating turkey. Man  how time flies.

Enjoy this time of the year. If you agree, make a comment.

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Memories of Past Labor Days

Written to Inform and Inspire

Today is a day that we need to stop for a moment and be thankful for the country we live in. We celebrate what this country has achieved through the labor that citizens do every day. I think it is amazing how far we’ve come during just my lifetime.

Wood stove, frosted freezers

In my short time on this earth, I think about where we were when I was a child. My mother cooked on a wood stove. Now we have modern stoves with glass tops, convection ovens, microwaves. Back then we had only frosted freezers –  frosted freezers were really hard to defrost.  Why would you want anything else?

Taking a bath in a washtub in the kitchen

When I was a child we didn’t have a bathroom yet. We heated water on the stove and took a bath in a washtub in the kitchen, like what was used to rinse the clothes when washing with a ringer washer. Does that bring back memories?

Black & White Television

If we had a TV at all, it was a black and white, now we have all types of color tvs with huge flat screens. Things are so different these days. We’ve come a long way, baby.

Trips to outer space

In my lifetime, we’ve had space ships that circled the earth then came back to earth. We’ve been to the moon and back. We have space ships going on trips to outer space that takes years to get there. None of this would be possible without our citizens’ minds and energy to invent. Just think about it, none of what we’ve achieved would be possible without technology.

Apple 2C Computer

I can remember purchasing an Apple 2C for my young son. I didn’t mess with it because I was afraid I’d mess something  up. Now even though I’m not a whiz on computers, I can at least turn it own. Ha!Ha!

We are all lucky

I don’t mean to dwell in the past, but sometimes I just need to slow down and think how lucky I am to live in a free country where everyone is encouraged to be the best they can be.

Why don’t you who are reading this, stop, and think just how lucky we are.

God has truly blessed me and my country. SLOW down and say a word of THANKS to our God! And be grateful for all we have!

Happy Labor Day!

fourth of july concept with sparkler and usa flag

Sorry, It’s been a while since I visited with my friends

Today’s been a busy day for me. My writing gigs have kept me really busy.  Of course, I love it. I really enjoy my writing and my assignments are increasing.  If I can help you by helping with your blog postings, any content or article you need just message me and I’ll contact you and work it all out.   My rates are very reasonable.  I’m writing for 5 different companies and so I do stay busy.

I will resume the articles on diabetes treatments next week when I will share more information about new discoveries in the treatment of diabetes. There is much information that is available to keep us all informed.

I look forward to then.  Have a great weekend and holiday.